Social media tips & tricks, part II

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Have you caught up with last week’s Social Media Tips & Tricks, part I? Guess you’re ready for part II! Read on to discover more ways to synergize your social media presence and increase your influence:

  • Demonstrate your social media clout by boosting your Klout score and highlighting your numbers of followers
  • Provide an RSS button on your blog; each new post will automatically queue up on subscribers’ Google Readers
  • Make your LinkedIn profile public
  • Identify power players in your industry and follow their social media accounts to stay on top of the latest trends
  • Frequently comment upon, retweet, and at-reply (@ on Twitter) your industry colleagues’ social media content – the more people see your name (and your intelligent input), the better name recognition you’ll receive
  • When uploading photos in a blog post, include several appropriate keywords to boost the “searchability” of the post
  • Write a short direct message (or create an amusing automatic direct message) welcoming new Twitter followers, mentioning what you bring to the table
  • Ask questions to engage your audience and increase the likelihood of responses
  • Include a “share” button at the bottom of each blog post so readers can share your (hopefully fascinating) posts with the click of a button
  • Provide a subscription button on your blog – if your readers sign up, they’ll be notified via email every time you publish your latest post

Above all, make your content interesting – that’s the absolute BEST way to ensure your brand’s continued growth and influence.


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