How to get more from your content marketing campaign


Say you want to promote your business. You’ve got your Facebook page, your Twitter account, YouTube, Instagram, Foursquare, maybe even a Pinterest presence. Mix in regular blog entries, article contributions, and traditional marketing methods… let’s just say you’re definitely not in GeoCities territory anymore.

But how do you cast your net even further to widen your audience? What else could you possibly do, you content wizard, you?

Easy: A content marketing campaign. You’ve already accumulated countless pieces of fresh, informative expert advice – now you just have to compile it and present it in a new way.

Some ideas to get you started:

* Develop a podcast or video series. Consider content you’ve already created, like footage from a public speaking gig. Reappropriate articles by recording them and adding new information onto original content.

* Make sure you’re cross-promoting all your content across many media channels. For example, most blogs let you “publicize” your new post to everything from LinkedIn to Facebook to Twitter to Tumblr. That’s definitely working smarter, not harder – minimum effort, maximum exposure.

* Consider compiling your older content into an e-book – the wave of the future, if I dare say so. Look around on any airplane and you’ll see faces washed in the glow of Kindles and Nooks. E-books are an affordable way to get your name out to a potentially huge audience, especially when priced right. Try offering a few sample chapters first to hook your readers.

* Create content with the potential to go viral. Keep it short, visual, and engaging. We’re talking infographics, “top ten” lists, or an amusing video. Think of what you click on every day; how much of that do you share with your social media audience? What constitutes something worth sharing?

Put simply, your two-step process goes like this: 1) Engage your audience. 2) Make your content worth their time.

Now go out there and create some compelling content!


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