When is the best time to tweet?

Similar to the old adage about that falling tree, if you tweet in the middle of the forest and there’s nobody around to read it, will it make a sound impact?

Well, first of all, you’re going to get horrible reception in the middle of the forest. Secondly, it’s easy for your message to get lost in the digital noise of millions of others tweeting simultaneously.

When is the best time to tweet for the largest audience possible? What’s the best way to engage your audience? Buddy Media performed a great study and discovered some interesting results. Check out these savvy guidelines:

  • Save those midweek tweets for Saturday or Sunday
  • Stick to daytime hours
  • Construct snappy tweets that are less than 100 characters
  • Hashtag your content (but no more than two hashtags per tweet – it #starts #to #look #like #this, and is that ever visually disruptive!)
  • Ask your followers to retweet your message

Take a look at this infographic detailing how to maximize your Twitter power:

via fuseworkstudios.com
via fuseworkstudios.com

See? So simple! If you try out these guidelines, report back and tell us how your social media accounts fared.


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