Crowdsourcing Colorado: citizens to rebrand the state


Everyone’s got an opinion. Now Colorado’s citizens have the chance to make their opinions known as the state turns to the masses and asks for their input on rebranding efforts.

The new campaign, “Making Colorado,” asks people to submit their ideas, tweets, and photos that capture Colorado’s spirit.

All material will be evaluated after the August deadline, with a brand council and youth ambassador council making key recommendations for the final product.

The site already boasts a growing variety of user-submitted content. While not all of it might be professional enough for the cover of a marketing brochure (“71 at 2 today. Snow by midnight. 22 high tomorrow. 😉 Only #MakingColorado“), the campaign demonstrates the burgeoning new age of digital collaboration.

“After examining a broad array of branding programs – good and bad – we built Making Colorado around the most successful practices that felt right for Colorado. [It’s] a diverse and vibrant state, but we’ve been fairly quiet about it. It’s time to bring our compelling voice to life in a manner that balances the needs, priorities and perspectives of all Coloradans. …Our success will rely on the participation and support of our fellow Coloradans.”

– Aaron Kennedy, Chief Marketing Officer, State of Colorado

Has your organization rebranded with the public’s help?


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