Have app, will travel

If you’ve got time to travel and a healthy dose of adventure, a new app promises flight discounts if you let it pick your destination.

GetGoing, a San Francisco startup, offers savings of up to 40 percent to users who book a flight through the service. The catch: GetGoing does the choosing for you.

In a system called “Pick Two, Get One,” users pick two destinations from search results and the app makes the final choice.

via GetGoing.com
via GetGoing.com

GetGoing asks for your nearest airport and your search criteria: city, region name, or “experience,” which ranges from “Family-Friendly Travel” to “Skiing Exotic Destinations.” Choose your travel dates and the app does the rest for you, lending an element of surprise to the process.

Says Alex Vernitsky, co-founder and CEO of GetGoing, “You can easily find places that are affordable, that are fun for you to go to. That was the very idea: to get people who want to get on the road and see the world, and enable them to do it at a big discount.”

The savings come from the app’s relationship with airlines, many of which have empty seats to fill.

Currently GetGoing is only available for leisure travelers.

Will you check out this new app for your next adventure?


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