Tracks on the tracks

It takes about 30 minutes for London’s Gatwick Express, a fast train, to run between Gatwick Airport and the London Victoria railway station.

In 30 minutes, you can also be completely transported in a different way, not by rail, but through music. Gatwick officials created an innovative music experience, titled Express Tracks, by commissioning three wildly differing artists to score the view speeding past the windows. The landscape’s nuances become more pronounced to travelers, punctuated by emotional cello notes and thumping beats.

Indie band The Milk, dubstep producer Benga, and Oscar-nominated composer Philip Sheppard took on the challenge.

Customers buy a train ticket online, download one of the three tracks to the iPod, and hit play as the train creaks away from the station, transforming a humdrum experience into something magical.

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