Multi-device mayhem: two-thirds of Hong Kong travelers book trips on three devices

Image by Toyotaboy95, en.wikipedia, CC-BY-SA-3.0
Image by Toyotaboy95, en.wikipedia, CC-BY-SA-3.0

If you’re a travel marketer, you’d better get your cross-platform strategy in order – and fast. A recent study found a whopping 65 percent of travelers in Hong Kong used three devices to book their flights.

Market research company GFK conducted a study among these travelers who would be making a trip during the following three months. The company sought to understand buyer behavior. How did the consumers purchase their tickets? How much time did they spend research their trip? What touch points were used?

Here’s what researchers discovered:

93.2% of respondents used a desktop/laptop to book their trip, two-thirds used three devices – but only 6.8% used just a tablet or mobile.

– Travelers spend five hours researching their trip, averaging 92 visits to 22 travel-related websites and apps before completing a purchase.

– Google’s the name of the game, as 91% of these travelers used a search engine to start their travel research. Touch points during the flight purchase path included travel aggregators and information sites (83%), travel booking sites (79%), airline websites (69%) and social networks (38%).

74% of respondents took action after they saw an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine. Over half of respondents said their travel plans were triggered by TV or radio ads. That’s your cue, marketers! Time to come up with some brilliant copy.

Need some ideas to jump-start your cross-platform marketing strategy? Get started with these gems:

  • Understand audience demographics driving each platform to tailor your content. Hint: Instagram is where the kids hang out and Facebook is friendly with the over-30 crowd.
  • Gauge the popularity of your content by tracking web and social media statistics. What links did your audience click on the most?
  • Activate campaigns that connect with actual people. Everyone likes an inventive marketing ploy, especially if they can enjoy it again and again on YouTube.
  • Empower marketing teams to pursue best practices. Get those high-impact creatives in gear to engage your audience.

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