KLM, Airbnb team up for airplane sleepover

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 4.54.29 PMSpacious Airplane Apartment,” trumpets the Airbnb listing. In one of our favorite promotions of the season, KLM and Airbnb have combined forces to create a fun promotion to commemorate the retirement of one of KLM’s planes in Amsterdam.

KLM’s last MD-11 aircraft will be transformed into a small “apartment” where the winning bidder will spend the night later this winter.

After crossing the globe 3675 times, this beautiful blue and white jet will be temporarily available as a unique living space. Located right beside the runway of Amsterdam’s bustling Schiphol airport, our detached airplane comes with all conveniences and will truly be your home away from home… with a large living room, one master bedroom, two children’s beds, two kitchens and eight small bathrooms. It comes with Wi-Fi, a toaster, a coffeemaker, comfortable first class chairs, a game console and a giant cockpit panorama window.

“All-time classics” like Snakes on a Plane, The Aviator, Top Gun, or Disney’s Planes will be available for the winners to enjoy on the aircraft’s cinema system.


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