Vegetable paint and homemade computers: one company’s eco-friendly campaign

An organic food retailer recently launched an ad campaign as fresh as its wares.

It was into a high-tech, CGI-ed world that French company Biocoop loosed its carefully crafted lo-fi marketing efforts. The brand’s top priority is environmental responsibility and executives wanted messaging to embody this concept, charging Paris ad agency Fred & Farid with the challenge.

The entire production left the smallest of carbon footprints. The team:

  • Shot prints with a pinhole camera
  • Wrote taglines in vegetable paint, untouched by Photoshop
  • Printed ads at 25 percent the usual size, which later gained a second life as bags
  • Constructed a computer in a crate
  • Recorded music in one take
  • Designed the website almost entirely in ASCII text

To announce the campaign, employees took to Twitter. But they didn’t even create new tweets; instead, they used “recycled” tweets by retweeting other messages in a new order.

“La Campagne Éco-Responsable” is a terrific study in a brand aligning its messaging and practices. How does your marketing stack up?


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