Welcome to Tinseltown, Buzzfeed!

via about.com

This week, BuzzFeed announced it would be opening a Los Angeles bureau to complement its burgeoning New York presence, which made our hearts flutter over at Strauss Media since BuzzFeed is one of our favorite inventions – right up there with Nutella, really. The site is firmly entrenched in pop culture, serving up delightfully zeitgeist-y viral content and mixing highbrow and lowbrow news with abandon. (Today’s headlines include: “Do You Have What It Takes for a Badass Job in the CIA?”, “21 Heartwarming Photos Of Military Families Reunited,” and “iPad Mini PSA: You’re Already Holding It Wrong.”)

According to BuzzFeed’s press release, staff at the West Coast office hope to aggressively compete for market share in the entertainment realm. Richard Rushfield, a former entertainment editor for the Los Angeles Times and West Coast editor for Gawker, will be the bureau chief.

“We’ll bring a combination of fun, viral ready takes of the moments and trends in entertainment, coupled with serious boots-on-the-ground reporting that goes beyond the day’s headlines. From pop culture foibles to looks behind the studio gates, covering Hollywood with BuzzFeed’s sensibility will be a challenge for which I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

– Richard Rushfield

The entertainment field is already littered with contenders, including entertainment news programs and industry trade publications like Deadline, Variety, and The Hollywood Reporter. Will BuzzFeed successfully gain a foothold in the well-trod celebrity world? We’ll keep our fingers crossed.