Tumblr tumbls toward more original content

via Tumblr.com

Behold Tumblr: behemoth host of 77 million blogs (as of Oct. 2012), 20 billion blog posts (as of April 2012), and one missing vowel.

The social media giant announced this week it would be expanding its original content by issuing a clarion call to freelancers: now anyone can pitch stories for inclusion in Tumblr’s popular Storyboard collection.

Editor-in-chief Chris Mohney writes:

If you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with Storyboard — Tumblr’s site for feature stories about creators and creative work… However, as your erstwhile Department of Editorial expands to other projects, we’ve had less time for in-house reporting lately…

So: If you have an idea for a Storyboard feature, let us know. The Editorial askbox is now open for business to receive your pitches. As mentioned, we’re interested in features that focus on creative people and their work — artists, photographers, chefs, designers, game theorists, mechanics, writers, professional assassins, bloggers, et cetera.

The move is one that will potentially legitimize Tumblr as a space for creative, serious journalism, settling in nicely alongside other Tumblr-formatted websites like The Daily What and the introspective Garfield Minus Garfield.